NEVER MIND the battery was just dead even though I just charged it last night because apparently one day of standby is just too much to ask of my poor overworked phone.

note to self: you should probably buy a new battery before con.

My phone just vibrated and shut itself off and now it’s in a wonderful little loop of starting up and immediately shutting back down again.

Excuse me phone do I look like I can replace you right now could you please not

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one of the funniest stories about Utena i can remember is actually from the original CPM localization dubbing project, related by Crispin Freeman (who voiced Touga) at a con once

basically he was involved somewhat in production and they were going through the episodes and talking about how to handle this and that—the Utena dub is famous for having really poor directing, though, so they ended up having a rather strange conversation about episode 7, “Unfulfilled Juri” where they all just sat around were like “man we dont really know what this Juri girl’s deal is, this is really confusing”

and Crispin Freeman just sat there staring at them for a minute before saying “she’s…a closeted lesbian???? did you not get that???”

and they were like “WHAT NO WAY WHAT that cant be it” and he was like “uh.  yes.  yes that was it WATCH IT AGAIN COME ON” and they did watch it again and they were like “OH WOW SHE REALLY IS, HUH”

The dub really is miserable. Poor Crispin.

I love this series because it’s so good at portraying emotions, positive and negative, and how they affect not only the person feeling them but the people who care about them.

I hate this series because Juudai is not allowed to be this upset, ever.


That says nothing. All you are saying is that you want the mother to make a choice. Mothers don’t need people telling them they can do anything they want. Mothers are likelier than anyone in a child’s life to feel the burden of responsibility for the child. When you say you support all choices you are failing to provide the mother with any confidence one way or another. Mothers need hope especially while pregnant and after the child is born. But what do prochoicers do? Tell them any choice is a good choice. I understand that position all too well because it is so general and optimistic that it is difficult to misunderstand.

Thus only when the child is born do you begin saying certain things are good for the actual child itself. This is the case of any individual child’s life. But prochoicers shy from specificity. It means you have to make a choice. So you instead hang back in the trees, hiding your face from the grim reality mothers face. You then say “do as you please” and offer no further advice. Its cowardice. You should have one answer all the time, but you don’t. You don’t have any answer.

Apparently what pregnant people want is to be told exactly what to do, and be told exactly how disappointed people will be in them if they don’t do what they’re told.

What a shocking thing for a man to think about a group that consists mostly of women!

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If I ever tell you I’m going to sleep and then you see me posting or liking things online for about an hour immediately after that, I promise I wasn’t lying to you, I’m just bad at going to sleep and it is usually a long process that begins with disengaging from any sort of immediate contact with people (chats, for example) and ends when everything on my screen is blurry and I’m hallucinating plot points I haven’t written yet

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so apparently not only is Dreadscythe making it to the TCG but so are Eye of Timaeus and Legendary Knight Timaeus and Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight and basically I need to put a lot more money towards card games next month than I was expecting, which is great, because it’s not like I have con badges to buy or anything??

Sometimes I pay exactly zero attention to the TCG and then sometimes shit like this happens.

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I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you’re saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it’s not literally illegal to express.

Aaah I’m loving this, I hope you write more!

I’m definitely planning on it! I have a lot planned out, I just need to finish rewatching season three to make sure I understand Yubel and Juudai’s relationship before I take creative liberties with it to include Yuugi. :P

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weeps tears of blood

I think this is probably a sign from above that I should stop being lazy and go download the good subs.