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why is frozen still relevant i’m so tired of hearing about it lets talk about wreck it ralph instead which was better in every way 


me trying not to procrastinate 



I’m just gonna leave it here.


I’m just gonna leave it here.


K interviews with GoRA basically go like this

  1. Trivia about the episodes.
  2. MAYBE something interesting with insight.
  3. Sexist comments from the male staff.
  4. Proof the staff in general is trash.
  5. GoRA is trash with females.
  6. Who knew trash could talk and write.

That’s it that’s the interviews.

…. she bites her lips a lot.


Found some of Pink’s comments for a couple of episodes (literally) back when the show was still airing so I decided to share. Before I start though, I just have to say that any comments between parentheses are from the original Japanese and not mine; any asterisks you might see are mine though.


〆I realised once more while writing the script how different this is from writing novels because there is no narrative part and everything is entrusted to the characters’ lines. The “Sorry” from the last flashback in particular is filled with all kinds of emotions.  
〆Those emotions obviously don’t appear only in the script, but also in the visuals and the tone of the voices. When I talked to the director I also asked him to pay particular attention to these parts. For example, only in this moment does Suoh show a rather childlike expression, different from his usual look. (right after the “You care about everyone too” line)
〆In the last flashback, the director instructed the voice actor to show more gentleness than pain. I would be happy if I managed to show how Homura used to be before the crime and what kind of person Totsuka was.

And now the fifth volume of interviews. Oh right, if some of the director’s answers are disproved by later information, remember that 01.this interview is pretty old; 02.he’s the director not the writer; 03.besides design stuff these are mostly his ~*opinions*~. Volume one; volume two; volume three; volume four.

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there’s so many parents who don’t recognize that they are abusing their kids 

it is critical that children become aware of abuse from adults and that they recognize what abuse can look like, and that’s why I very strongly believe that schools need to start talking about parental abuse

otherwise, you get people like me who didn’t realize it was abuse until they’re 16-17 and already have PTSD

Very important tip for interacting with your autistic family member:

Unless I am actually having trouble answering the question, do not answer questions directed at me

d o

n o t

(also don’t touch my fucking hands for fuck’s sake

even when I manage to flail my wrist directly into the edge of a table because in addition to being autistic I am super graceful.)

I know I take longer to respond to things than most people, because there’s a larger gap between my hearing a question and understanding it, but I do know how to spell my own name!

Those P3WM selfies were making me really happy and then I realized

in-universe (well in my AU universe where this ship actually sails) any selfies of Mitsuru and Chidori would probably be Mitsuru desperately trying to cheer Chidori up

in the hospital

wires and tubes and mysterious beeping everywhere and painfully forced smiles

Why couldn’t I fall in love with a video game where my faves get to be happy?


Slamming your card down as hard as possible clearly makes it work better. You also have to make that face when you do it.


Slamming your card down as hard as possible clearly makes it work better. You also have to make that face when you do it.